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JEDI API Library

Page last updated: 2008-02-25
Team members:


[2008-02-25] We will try to continue a new (more dynamic) JEDI API and WSCL Webblog.

[2007-09-01] Marcel van Brakel took his leave from the project today. However, we hope that he might return in future. Thanks for all your contributions so far, Marcel. I am sure the users appreciate it.
Furthermore lately a new and promising member joined the team.


The goal of this project is to provide a conversion of the headers from the Windows Platform SDK which is as complete as only possible.
Most of the code has been donated by Marcel van Brakel who also remains one of the admins of this project and one of its main contributors. This basically means that this project replaces the old Win32 header conversions of the very same Marcel van Brakel - which was distributed on the JEDI homepage.
Whereever appropriate other headers may be included into the project.

The project

The project currently consists of 6 packages, namely:

Should you be interested in the contents of the Subversion (a superset of the file releases), please follow the instructions found on the project's SVN page to access our SVN repositories via anonymous SVN. CVS access is no more supported.


Our preferred support mechanism are trackers. Therefore you should have a look at our list of trackers and choose the appropriate one to issue your request.

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